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We Aren't Last Anymore

So, now that they have learned how to make come back wins and walk off wins they have found they like to do it. You wouldn't think it would take this long to figure out that it is a good thing to have the fan cheering as they walk off the field.

Among the other good news about the game.....John Parrish pitched 7 innings and only gave up three runs. Two starts and two quality starts. Can't complain about that.

I was surprised to see Tallet in the game considering he is to start Sunday. Then League comes in and proves none of the right handers in the pen can be trusted. Though Camp a three up three down 9th.

Anyway the Fangraph....


As you can see things weren't going well till the bottom of the 9th. We had a slight blip in the bottom of the 8th Overbay singled and Lind doubled. Then we had three straight ground outs (the first two driving home Overbay and Lind), which killed the momentum.

But then the bottom of the 9th against George Sherrill, the O's left handed closer Scoot pinch hits for Stairs and strikes out, but then Barajas singles. Mac runs for him and Rolen doubles. Zaun pinch hit for Wilk and was intentionally walked. Now down to our two left handed bats against the lefty closer with the bases loaded and Overbay has been a double play grounder machine this season.

But Overbay drove in the tying run with a sac fly. Then Lind pulls first pitch he gets for a single past a diving Audrey Huff. Rolen motored from second and beats the throw easy. Lind is the guy Gibby couldn't leave in the lineup, because he wanted the bats of Wilkerson and Mench. Lind went 3 for 4 and has his average up to .246

Jays of the Day? Lind (.561 wpa), Rolen (.254) and Overbay (.134). Nice to see Overbay get a couple of hits and drive in that big run in the 9th. Suckage Jay? League at -.148. Scoot got a -.094 for his strikeout in the 9th. Wilk was -.073 for a 0 for 3 day.

In Jay’s news, apparently Kevin Mench is being called up to take Wells' spot on the roster. So for those of you that enjoyed watching Wilk and Mench struggle earlier in the season, more of the same. I was hoping they might bring up Travis Snider and let him see life in the bigs for a bit. If we think getting into the playoffs is a long shot now, why not give him a hundred at bats. He can't be much worse than Wilk and Mench.

Tonight's game is Doc vs Joba. Should be great fun. 3 more wins to get to .500 at the break.