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That was a great pitching performance. A two hitter, could have been a one hitter, Wilk misplayed a line drive to center, can't blame him...was a tough play and he did manage to wack it with his glove to Inglett in right to ARod to a double. 8 Strikes for Doc. A great game.

Offensively they made Joba work, he thru 60 pitches in the first 3 innings. He pitched 6.2 and gave up 3 earned, on 7 hits, no walks and 9 k's. He throw 108 pitches so I guess he's no longer on pitch limits. He pitched well but isn't Doc.

Offensively we did enough Overbay was 3 for 4, Barajas and Stairs each hit one out and Lind was 2 for 3, he's up to .264.

Here's the Fangraph....


As you can see, it was anyone's game till the third and then it follows almost a straight line from 50% to 100% at the end. Jay's of the day, Doc (no duh .446 wpa) and Overbay (.104). It's really nice to see Overbay hitting again.

In Jays news, it was announced that AJ, on short rest, will start Sunday instead of Tallet. Since we still have a shot at .500 by the break, likely a good move and if we are trading him anyway, why should we worry about his arm.

Tomorrow Litsch goes up against Rasner. A 1:00 eastern start. I'm out in the morning, not sure I'll be back for the game, but I'll get a game thread up. We have a four game winning streak, Still have a shot at .500 by the break!! We are 3 back of the Yankees so can't catch them before the break but can be close.