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Well, it was fun while it lasted.....

The last four games reminded me how fun watching baseball, today....well just reminded me that you have to enjoy the good games while they happen.

The game started off well enough, if you ignore the leadoff homer for Derek Jeter. Putting him back into the lead off sport while Damon is out seems like a very good move. But in our half of the first Inglett lead off with a triple, Scoot singled him in, Overbay got on, Wilk (!) got on and Lind (starting to get a man crush on the boy.....well not that bad but gotta like how he's hitting, though could have a walk once in a while) triples them all home. And we were up 4-1. And that was the end of the good part of the game.

The Yankees scored 4 runs in the second, helped by an error by Scoot on a double play ball and a strike zone that seemed to move all game long. The Yanks got 3 more runs in the third, helped along by a John MacDonald error (??!!!) and a strike zone that, well, seemed to change from pitch to pitch. And that was pretty much the game....ARod got his 537 home run to pass Mickey Mantle for 13th on the all time list and we had a number of runners on base but we didn't score again after the first.

Litsch wasn't sharp (have I mentioned the moving strike zone?) and neither was the D. And once again we stopped hitting with RISP. On the good side, Inglett and Scoot were 2 for 4, Inglett with a triple. Was there anyone in the Jay's organization that thought this guy could hit like this? Lind drove in 3 with his triple. Wolfe, Frasor and League, three of our unreliable right handed relievers pitched 5 scoreless innings.

Not going to include the fangraph...I'm sure you can figure it out....up in our half of the first then down and down....pretty sad. Jays of the Day, Lind (.188 wpa) and Inglett (.148). Suckage Jay....well you can guess this....Litsch (-613!), suckage batter....Rolen (-127). Course Scoot and MacDonald get honorable suckage mention for their untimely errors.

Tomorrow's game is another 1:00 Eastern start. AJ on short rest vs. Pettitte. We do soooooo well against lefties. Pettitte has been up and down all year good and bad. He is 10-6 with a 3.93 era.

Game is on CBC so we get both Rance Muliniks and Jessie Barfield on color...I might just turn off the sound.