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Going into the Break on a Good Note

The last game before the break almost couldn't have been better. AJ pitched an amazing game on three days rest, it could almost make you want to go back to the days of the four man rotation. He was throwing a four hit shut out until Giambi's home run broke it up, with one out in the nineth. When Posada singled Cito (after waiting long enough to scare me) pulled AJ for BJ (do we lead the league in people with initials for first names?). Ryan got his first batter, Cano, to hit into a game ending double play.

Today's fangraph:


As you can see the after the second inning the game was never really in doubt. Jays of the Day AJ (.278 wpa) and Scoot (.115). Scoot's at bat was an interesting thing....with runners on first and second Scoot tried to bunt until he missed twice and had a 0 and 2 count. Then he hits a home run. This isn't the first time this season that has happened...JP's favorite player did it earlier in the season. Honorary mention should go to Rolen (2 for 4, with a double) and Mench (2 for 4, both doubles). Lind also got a hit giving him a 6 game streak and bringing his average up to .269. He also took a walk, his fouth of the season. His refusal to take walks does worry me, but he's hitting terrific. .Suckage Jay, Barajas (-.059).

AJ ran is record to 10-8 and brought his era down to 4.96. Are we sure we want to trade him?

The Jays have 4 days off at the break and are just a half game below .500 at 47-48. I know that's not where we'd like to be but it is much better than where we thought we'd be a week ago. So we can be a little optimistic about the rest of the season. I'd imagine we'll see some roster changes by the end of the month.