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The Walking Wounded....

Thought it would be a good time to check how our injured players are doing:

Jeremy Accardo: is throwing from the mound, accardoing to his blog (sorry) he's 'making changes to his mechanics' to take stress off his arm. He saw the doctor in LA last week and apparently all is fine. He's a few weeks from returning.

Aaron Hill: is apparently still not ready for 'strenuous' activities. They said he was hitting off a tee and fielding ground balls, but he looks like it is going to be a while before he's back. Jp said "he's not feeling great". I wouldn't expect to see him before August.

Shaun Marcum: is making at least one rehab start, buy likely two, so he'll won't be back till the near end of the month.

Dustin McGowan: has been told that there is no 'new' damage to his shoulder. They are calling it 'shoulder inflammation' now. He's not going to have surgery, but he won't be back for at least a month.

Shannon Stewart: is still feeling pain in his ankle when running. He has taking bating practice. Who knows (or cares) when\if he'll be back. I guess the other question is will he be back or will the team release him?

Vernon Wells: was expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks with his grade 2 strained hamstring. He says he'll be back quicker but I wouldn't expect him to be back before August.

Casey Janssen: his recovery is reportedly going well. So it looks good for next season.......boy wouldn't he have been great to have in our bullpen this year.