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The Yankees have signed Richie Sexson. I guess signing a Mariner cast off is admitting you aren't an elite team any longer. But, he has hit lefties well (.334 with 5 home runs in 61 at bats this year) and can share time with Jason Giambi. I think I'd rather have Giambi out there full time, but then they don't pay me to be GM there.

And in other news, the A's traded Joe Blanton to the Phillies for three prospects: second baseman Adrian Cardenas, left-handed pitcher Josh Outman (was a great name for a pitcher) and outfielder Matt Spencer. It seems funny to me that the A's only 6 games out of first in the West and 4.5 out of the Wild Card spot would be sellers. Would have to figure the Wild Card leaders, the Rays, will fall back some, so you would think they would be in a good spot. But then, Blanton was 5-12 this year with a 4.96 ERA. He eats innings though.

Outman and Cardenas are very well thought of as prospects. Spencer has power but I wouldn't expect him to be a star in the majors. I think Beane will win this one in the long run.

The trade is interesting for the Jay's because the Phillies were one of the possible trade partners for them to unload AJ. But then it might make AJ more attractive with one less pitcher on the market. It might make the Mets eager to make a move to improve their pitching if they have anything we'd want.

The Jays Start a three game series against the Ray's tomorrow night with AJ (10-8, 4.96 ERA) going up against James Shields (7-6, 3.83). AJ is coming off an amazing start before the break. If he can do that again it would help his trade value. Doc will go up against Kazmir on Saturday in a battle of All-Stars and Litsch faces Garza on Sunday.

If we are going to catch up to the Rays this season, a series win, if not sweep, is needed here. The Rays came into the break with a 7 game losing streak, maybe we can keep their streak going.