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We got hits with RISP, we got a big lead.....we lost.

The good: Lind went 3 for 4 and drove in 3. He looked locked in at the plate. I love Cito for bringing him back and putting him in the lineup. Wells went 3 for 5, Zaun 2 for 4 and 2 driven in and got robbed of a hit because Wells had a brain cramp at second base. He thought Zaun's liner would be caught at SS and ran back to the the time he realized it was a hit it was too late to get to third and was forced. Zaun hit into the terribly common 7-5 force out.

The bad: Litsch gives up 10 hits in 5.2 and worse he throws a makes an error that cost us 2 runs and in the long run the game. Cy Carlson comes in and gives up a two run home run to Beltre on a pitch I swear was over Beltre's head. I can't remember seeing a home run on a pitch so high and off the plate before. But he tomahawked it for an opposite field homerun.

But all wasn't lost, we still had a one run lead and Downs came in. Had to feel confident Downs hadn't given up a run since April. Then came Richie Sexton, he of the .226 average and 9 homers....but showing God plays with loaded dice, Sexton hits one out to tie the game.

Top of the 9th we go down without a fight.....well a two out walk to Overbay, but nothing else. Bottom of the 9th Downs starts out by walking Ibanez, Vidro bunts, we intentionally walk Beltre...worried that he'll reach out and smoke one of the four balls...all of which I'm almost sure were closer to the strike zone than the one he hit off Cy.

Camp comes in to pitch to Bloomquist. Now it's worth noting that Camp's ERA was 7.10 last year. 7.10! Which should end your baseball career, but JP feels the inability to pitch shouldn't disqualify a person from a spot on a major league staff. Of course, Bloomquist rips  the first pitch into left and we are 3 games before .500. Insert curse words here.

 Tomorrow McGowan vs Washburn.