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Who's our All-Star?

I thought we should have a vote on who should represent our Jays at the All-Star Game. Since none of our guys did well in the voting, our rep will be added by Terry Francona and friends. I doubt we'll get more than one player on the team but is you want to vote for more than one, vote more than once....

The Candidates....

Rod Barajas...I know he's been part time but his OPS is 3rd among catchers trailing only Joe Mauer and Jorge Posada, who's played less than Rod.

Vernon Wells...Leads the team in RBIs and tied for homerun lead, despite missing time with the wrist injury.

Roy Halladay...Leads the league in innings pitched, complete games. Tied for 5th in wins even with this offense.

Shawn Marcum...4th in the league in ERA, has pitched amazingly well.

Scott Downs...1.62 (up almost half a run yesterday), until yesterday he hadn't given up a run since April. Has been lights out.

BJ Ryan...2.25 ERA and 16 saves. Other than the one short bad streak, has been terrific.

Jesse Carlson....Yeah I know he won't be chosen, but he's a personal favorite. 37 games already and a 2.25 ERA. Cy's been great.