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Mr. Rios, I Apologize....

Well not really....but that was a good game and hopefully he will continue to have good games from here on in.

Let's put the Fangraph right up at the top......


A much more fun fangraph than most we've had....until the 5th inning both teams had their moments when it looked like they would win, then Scoot hit a home run and then the game was never again in doubt. There were big game changing moments for both teams. 

The good....Inglett went 2 for 4. Scoot hit a home run! And drove in three. Rios hit a home run and 2 (count 'em, 2) doubles, more extra base hits than he had hit before that this month. Rolen went 2 for 3. Lind went 1 for 4 with 2 RBI. Even Mac had a hit. Can we hope that these guys have all pulled out of their slumps.....well, no, we've had the odd game where we've hit before.

Can you imagine, we hit with runners in scoring position and we hit two home runs in one game, Rios with his 5th and Scoot with his 4th. What would the odds have been that Scoot would only have one home run less than Rios.

Also good, 6 innings of 2-hit shut out ball from 6 members of the bullpen.Three of our unreliable right handers pitched and pitched well.

The bad....Parrish only went 3 innings and didn't look good out there. He got rattled when runners were on. He didn't go to first on a ball hit to his left, which cost him a baserunner. He also made a bad throw to second on a play that should have netted a double play but Mac, hurrying to make up for the bad throw, threw the ball well wide of first. Mac should have ate it, but he's so used to making amazing plays, that he tried one he shouldn't have.

We made three throwing errors one each for Parrish, Mac and Zaun. Mac also tried to laydown a safety squeeze bunt....but didn't get it down great and Rolen was undecided about coming home and didn't. I thought he might of beat it out, but would have been close. Stairs went 0 for 3, he still looks terrible at the plate.And we managed to hit into two double plays which keeps us close to a record pace.

Jays of the Day....Rios (.326 WPA) and Scoot (.221 WPA). Honorable mention Cy, Tallet, Camp, Rolen, Inglett, Lind. Suckage Jay....Parrish (-.268) and Zaun (-.116).

I listened to the start of the game on the radio and before the game Jerry Howarth talked to Cito and asked him about yesterday's game. Cito said that Doc picked up the ball when it was foul and said that the plate umpire wasn't watching at that moment. And that he wouldn't ask for help from the other umpires. He also implied that League threw at Navaro, saying that if Navaro does things like bunting for a base hit after a grand slam he'll get thrown at a lot.

He also said that he didn't go out and yell and get thrown out of the game because he feels the team is better off with him on the bench. Personally I think there are times when a manager should get himself thrown out, and that yesterday was one for the times.

Tomorrow they start a three game series against the O's for last place in the division. Jesse Litsch (6-8, 4.16) vs Liz Radhames (Liz? really?) (3-2, 7.57). Both pitchers have been haveing a tough time of late, Radhames have a 10.42 ERA over the last month and Litsch has been 1-5 with a 5.56 ERA in his last 8 starts. Should be a fun one.