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Another bad start for Jesse 4.2 innings and 6 earned. I keep hoping he's about to come out this slump but it doesn't seem to be happening. If we had any arms around it would be time to have him miss a start or two. If I remember right he went thru a bad patch last season too but not for this long. I guess we have to remember he is young. And he is a 'pitch to contact' sort, that type of pitcher does tend to have down times.

The good news? Well until the bottom half of the 5th we were in the game.....after that....well we weren't. Scoot went 2 for 3 with 2 walks, his bat seems to be heating up again. Rios went 1 for 5 but the one was a hard hit double to the wall. I'm trying to be hopeful that he is turning it around. Rolen went 1 for 2 with 2 walks and Eck took two walks. And League went a shakey 2.1 but didn't give up a run.

The bad? Litsch. Frasor gave up a two run homer in his inning. Maybe he's won the trip back to AAA ball prize. Stair and Lind each went 0 for 4. I wish we had another bat that could be DH for awhile. Stairs is hitting a big .138 this month. And isn't getting better in a hurry. At .247 for the season with 9 home runs and 31 RBIs....well he could be ok as a fourth outfielder but as a full time DH, I think at 40, he's maybe come to the end of the line.

So Jays of the Day? Rolen (.110 WPA) and Scoot (.104). Honorable mention Overbay. Suckage Jays Litsch (-.384), Stairs (-.171) and Lind (-.147).

Tomorrow we have Marcum (5-4, 2.65) going against Garrett Olson (6-5, 5.79). I'd imagine Shaun will be on a low pitch count limit. Boy do we need him back. We need a win to get back out of last. Not sure who is getting sent down to make room for Shawn.