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Game Recap for Game of Last Night and This Morning/Afternoon...

Very quick game recap of the game that was suspended last night. The fangraph:


Of interest.....well, having the game start last night and end today is the interesting part to me... a few years ago a game that was suspended like that would be restarted from stratch at some other point, today or sometime later. Or if we could have finished the 6th inning last night with the one run lead the game would have been over at that point. But since it wasn't a complete inning and that at the end of the last complete inning the game was tied, it continued from the point it was called, with Overbay on third and Rolen with a 1-0 count.

 MacDonald again had a nice game with the glove and the bat, going 1 for 2 with a sac fly and sac bunt. Lind went 1 for 3 and hit a ball to Millar with the bases loaded that Millar tried to go home with and threw over the catchers head, costing his team two runs. Overybay went 2 for 4. AJ pitched a good 5 innings and got the win. Cy, Camp and Downs pitch 4 scoreless innings. Our pen has been amazing of late.

The game turned on a stupid move by the Oriole manager.....With Overbay on second and one out, the O's intentionally walked Stairs. Now I think intentional walks are bad moves 90% of the time, but when you are facing a guy that's hitting .125 for the month with 19 strikeouts in 40 at bats isn't that a guy you want to pitch to? Rolen drew a walk after that to load the bases and you know the rest.

Jays of the day? AJ (.160 WPA), Cy (.139), Lind (.182) and Overbay (.124). Suckage Jay Stairs (-.104) 0 for 4 with 3 strike outs. This is the guy you walk?

Next game is about to start......