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Halladay For Holliday?

A question came from Redhawk, visiting from Purple Row, the Colorado Rockies area, in the comments area from the Open Letter to JP, which deserves a wider audience. It came out of the story, from the All-Star break that had Doc saying he was 'unhappy in Toronto'. I think the story exaggerated what Doc said. Doc wants to win, who doesn't? I think Doc would like to win in Toronto.

Anyway Redhawk's question in response to Doc wanting out:

(The story) got the Rockies fans very excited. Halliday is from the Denver area. And there appears to be a match on our teams needs that work well together. Matt Holliday for Roy Halliday as the key pieces. The Rockies would have to kick in extra pieces of course. We have extra middle infielders like say…Clint Barmes batting .303 in 2008 and can play SS or 2nd or 3rd. Catcher Torrealba who wants more playing time. Plus a couple of more minor leaguers. We have some good pitching prospects in AAA an AA that aren’t quite ready but are highly rated. (the group to pick from AAA: Jason Hirsch, Franklyn Morales, Greg Renyolds our 06 #1 pick, AA Chaz Roe)

Matt Holliday is a power bat you need. He’s signed through 09, but his agent is Scott Boras, and there are only a few teams that could pay him what he will demand, Toronto being one of them, and this would give a leg up on negotiations against the Yankees and the Red Sox.

I know losing Halliday would be a shock….but we could send you a lot of depth (heck I think Barmes is an upgrade starter at either SS or 2nd for the Jays, and Torrealba is a better hitting catcher), as well as minor leaguers. And the Rockies get back the one thing they can’t get…and ACE…who is also from Denver, CO, and makes his off season home here still!

So let's hear what you think, I'll put up a poll but and I'll copy my response into the comments. Tell us what you think.