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Winning Streaks are Sweet

5 wins in a row! Why didn't we do this earlier in the season. This is a lot more fun than losing. It seems funny to say, but we are only 6.5 games back of the Wild Card spot. And we jumped over a couple of the teams that were in front of us. There are only 4 teams in front of us in the Wild Card race. And Texas is only one game ahead. No I don't think we can make it, but it is nice that we are moving in the right direction.

Great to see Purcey have such a good start. Six innings, seven hits, only one walk and four K's. Did give up the one home run, but was a good start. Six innings and three runs....the edge of the definition of a quality start. In the sixth, Cito came out to talk to Purcey and Purcey gave Cito the ball but Cito gave it back to him. A nice moment, showing confidence in his rookie starter. With McGowan gone for at least the season we need Purcey.

Speaking of great to see....Rios hit two (count 'em two) home runs. Considering he only had four at the All-Star break, two in one game is an amazing thing. If Rios could have hit like this earlier in the season Gibby might still have a job. If the Jays at to make a move Rios has to continue to hit like this.

It was also nice to see Inglett follow his game winning double of last night with a 3 for 4 day, a walk and 2 runs and a RBI. And Stairs (2 for 4, with a triple!) for the second day in a row looked like his long slump might be over. Lind got another hit and has his average up to .313.

And the pen again...3 shutout innings again. Once again League pitched a 1, 2, 3 inning. If he can continue this we'll have a right handed reliever that can be trusted in high leverage innings.

The less than good, Overbay went 0 for 3 with a walk but 2 K's and he ground into yet another double play. Rolen went 0 for 2 and Wilk went 0 for 3. Wilk is batting a soft .231 on the season. It is hard to believe he is still drawing a major league paycheck.

I'm not going to post the fangraph, it isn't that interesting today, but you can check it out here. Jays of the Day? Rios (.188 WPA), Inglett (.125), Stairs (.110) and Purcey (.109).

Suckage Jay? Well Overbay and Wilk tie at (-.045).

As you can see in the story from SuckaMD, McGowan is gone for at least the season, very bad news, but it does give us a chance to see Purcey get a few starts, would be nice to see if he can be counted on to be part of the rotation in the future.

Tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern the Jays go for the sweep. How many times have we been able to say that this season. Shaun Marcum makes his second start after coming off the DL. Seattle has Jarrod Washburn starting. Washburn's name has been coming up in trade rumors and has been throwing well lately.

Since the fence is all done and I'm dead beat, I should get to watch the game tomorrow so join in the game thread. Can we hit six in a row?