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It Was Fun While it Lasted

Can't win them all....but it would be nice to get a few games over .500. The fangraph:


There were some good moments.....John MacDonald hit a home run. I had to check gameday to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. And it wasn't a cheap one, he smoked it. Marcum pitched 5 really good innings, but it seems like his endurance isn't what it ought to be yet, after coming back from the arm injury. It would be nice to have a manager that understood that he needs to build up his arm strength again. Cito has always been slow to make changes, he wants to show faith in his players, but at the end of 5 Marcum had thrown 71 pitches and looked great. In the 6th Cito leaves him out for 23 pitches, and 4 runs. With a guy just back from a sore elbow, lets move a wee bit quicker when he's lost it, eh.

After the 6th inning the game was pretty much over, about an 85% chance of a Mariners win. Washburn pitched a great game, the Yankees are, apparently, getting a very good pitcher. Like they need more talent. We had 2 RISP total. 4 hits, 3 walks and two strike outs against Washburn. So after the 35 runs we scored in our 5 game streak we looked....well we looked like we've looked against lefties all season long: sad.

Jay of the Day? Going to give it to Mac. Suckage Jay? Well Marcum (-.222), but I thought he should have been pulled quicker and Rios (-.101).

Tomorrow we start a 3 game series with the Rays, who we don't seem to be able to beat but we have AJ, Doc, and Parrish going out there for us so we should have a good shot at the first couple of game at least. Then a day off and a weekend series at Texas. The off day on Thursday is the end of the none waiver trade period. One would imagine that the Jays will like have made at least one move by then, since they have a number of players that should draw interest. Of course, if we could sweep the Rays we'd be on the edge of being in contention.