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With all the rumours and with where the Jays are in the standings, I'm amazed that we haven't made any deals yet. I keep thinking there has to be something in the works. I thought I'd list the players rumoured to be going somewhere and we could vote on who we think will be gone by midnight Thursday.

Zaun and Barajas: both have been rumoured going to the Yankees. Zaun is at the end of his contract and I doubt the Jays want to sign him again so would be good to get something for him and he'd be a good backup for many of the contenders.

Eckstein: I thought the Dodgers were going to trade for him. They have Nomar playing short at the moment, but they traded for Casey Blake. I'm sure someone would want Eck because of his 'playoff experience', like that means anything.

Matt Stairs: I read the Dodgers were interested in him as a left handed bat off the bench. You would think other teams would be looking for a veteran bat like his.

AJ: The Cardinals are the team that most of the rumours are coming from right now. The Cards need something to catch up to the Cubs and Brewers.

Doc: Everyone would want him. Wouldn't you? Cards, Yankees, Rockies....everyone really. I think it would have to be a heck of a package to get him.

Downs, Tallet, Carlson, Ryan: All the contenders want more relief pitching. Sox, Cards, Mets, Yankees, Tigers, Philies.....everyone really. I guess the question is: would they be willing to give anything up? Our lefties have been great all year long.