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Brian Tallet was put on the DL broken 'small toe' on his right foot. Tallet likely will be out three weeks. The big news is the Jays are calling up Scott Richmond from Syracuse. Scott is a right-handed pitcher and will start on Wednesday in John Parrish's place.

Richmond is a Canadian, from Vancouver, BC. He will be the 14th Canadian to play for the Jays....barring a trade for Justin Morneau before then. He is 28 so really can't be considered a prospect anymore but has a 2.53 ERA in five starts at Syracuse, striking out 31 in 35 innings and walking only 6. He had a 4.92 ERA at AA before moving up.

Apparently Richmond was going to be going to Beijing with the Canadian Olympic team. Last year he was pitching in the independent 'Northern League with the Edmonton Cracker-Cats. That's an amazing thing to go from there to the starting for the Jays the next season.

Aaron Hill was moved to the 60 day DL to make room for Richmond on the 40 man roster.