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Odds and Ends on a Tuesday Morning

Spent a bit of time this morning trying to find some sort of scouting report on Scott Richmond on the web, there isn't much to be found. He has a fastball that tops out in the 92-95 range. Power pitcher. He was named Pitcher of the Week for the International League last week. And he worked on the docks in BC scrapping barnacles off ships before pitching in the Golden Baseball League for the Edmonton Cracker-Cats for the past three seasons. In the off season he signed with the Jays and started this year at double A. Other than that we'll find out tomorrow afternoon.

Bluebird Banter's number 2 Jay prospect Brett Cecil was promoted to AAA Syracuse yesterday. The Baseball America story is here. They had glowing praise for him:

With a low-90s fastball with sink (2.07 ground-to-fly out ratio at Double-A) and a devastating mid-80s slider, Cecil appears to be armed for success in any role. He also throws a show-me curveball, and he’ll mix in a changeup to righthanded batters, who had little success against Cecil in the Eastern League (.234/.306/.310).

Ricky Romero was promoted there last week and Robinzon Diaz is back after being out with an injured ankle and a rehab stint for it.

Yesterday was a good day for the Jays, not only did they win but every team in front of them in the AL East and the AL Wild Card race lost, except for the Twins. In the Wild Card the Jays are tied with Texas 6.5 games back and only trail Boston, New York and Minnesota. A sweep of the Rays would really help out. On Friday we start a three game series in Texas and then Oakland is in Toronto for four. If we can win both of those series....well we would have a hope.

JP said, in an interview before the game yesterday, that AJ isn't going anywhere. I guess that would mean something to me if I thought he could tell the truth occasionally, but the rumour is that they will offer AJ a bit more money for the last couple of years of his contract or offer to extend it.

Just got the new Sports Illustrated in the mail and there is a nice picture of all the Hall of Famers that were at the All-Star game. There is also a story about how Barry Bonds would like to play in the majors....I can't bring myself to feel sorry for him, but if I was a GM I'd sign him. Winning is supposed to what is important and Barry could help a number of teams win.

There is also a poll of baseball GM's and scouts to say who they would pick to build a team around. Hanley Ramirez is the winner....not sure he'd be my top choice but he isn't a bad choice. Other than that there are 100 pages on the US Olympic team, can't say I care.