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If last night was sad....this was a suicide watch.

Oh well, another loss....we can't beat good teams and we can't beat bad teams....can we find someone else to play?

The good.....hmmmmm give me a while, I'll think of something. Well, Lind's two run, home run was good. He continues to impress. Sending he down earlier in the year is starting to look like reason #446 to fried JP. And League pitched! Honest, he did. I was starting to think there would have to be a plague to get him on the mound. Two innings of shutout ball. Yeah, I'm not going to mention the 2 walks, 2 hits (one a hard hit ground rule double) and the amazing double play that Rolen pulled off that saved his bacon.

The bad....everything else. They managed to make Washburn look like a very good pitcher. They also made 4 relief pitchers look amazing. Three innings of no hit relief pitching. Rios looked lost at the plate. Stairs and Barajas looked just as bad. Zaun had as poor a pinch hit appearance as you are likely to see. McGowan again looked bad on the road. He did make one of the defensive plays of the year, Sexson hit a hard one at him that knocked his glove off, but he chased the ball and glove down and threw out Sexson. And....well let's just say if they wore a Jays jersey they didn't look good out there....expect for Lind's home run.

The unders won in the RISP pool as we had zero. 0 for 7. Jay of the Day? Would have to be Lind and Lind alone.

We had a very lively and fun Game Thread...414 comments....we were visited by some very friendly M's fans...misery love company. And had a lurker unlurk....come back often domefan.

Tomorrow's an off day for our boys to lick their wounds after losing a series to the worst team in the AL. Friday they are in California to face the Angels, AJ vs Jered Weaver. Be sure to join in in the Game Thread.  Four games under .500 and the hope of getting back there before the All-Star break slipping away. With nine games, they'd have to go 7 and 2 to get there. We can hope.