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How Many Times Have We Been Shut Out This Year?

To be honest any game that Eric Hinske hits an inside the park home run against you, you really ought to lose, but then it really wasn't an inside the partk home run, it went over the fence and Hinske still beat it out......should have been worth two runs.  The Fangraph:


Yet another sad effort by our offense....5 hits, 1 walk....I don't know, everytime I think we've turned the corner offensively, we have a couple of games in a row where we just suck. As you can see, Doc kept us in the game, singlehandedly until Longoria's triple in the 8th. After that it was over.

For hits....Overbay got 2 hits, Lind, Scoot and Barajas each got one and the rest were 0 fers. Lind now has a 9 game hitting streak, while Rolen hasn't hit in his last 17 at bats.

Jay of the Day? Doc (.095). Suckage Jay? Everyone else? Well no Rolen (-.133), Rios (-.127) and Barajas (-.120).

Tomorrow's game is a afternoon game 12:37 Eastern. Our call up, Scott Richmond goes up against Edwin Jackson (6-7, 4.22 ERA). I'm making sure to be around for that one. Very interested to see Richmond pitch.

In Jay's news, Gregg Zaun would like to be  traded.

Things haven't worked out the way I planned them to this year here in Toronto. Getting an opportunity to play on a regular basis for a pennant contender or going back to a place that I'm familiar with, it would probably be a good thing."

Also the back to back triples hit in Yesterday's game was the first time the Jay's did that since July 1, 2004 when Frank Menechino and Orlando Hudson did it. Inglett is third in the AL with 6 triples.