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One Word JP. Sell!

I had hope till the last couple of days. Now it is time to give in. We ain't going anywhere, so let's sell. Give Zaun away for anything. Give Eck away for less than anything. Take what you can get for AJ. See if someone is stupid enough to take Rolen off our hands. Stairs? Even if we just get some bats for him. Wilk, just release him, now. And anyone else that we can get something for, take it. Well.....not Lind. Ten game hitting streak.

Why did we lose? 0 for 9 with RISP. 0 for 7 on the three times we had runners on third. We keep being told that Cito has changed things, but we still can't hit with RISP or for that matter get a fly ball when it is needed. Cito talks about the batters needing a plan when they come to the plate but it seems we still have no plan. Unless the plan is to get out as quick as possible.

It was the waste of a decent start by Richmond. We should get to see him start again. And Cy got 5 straight outs. BJ did a good job in the 9th....getting out of the inning in spite of a leadoff single by Willy Aybar, even though Aybar got pushed around to third. Overbay hit a home run to give us a brief lead. His 7th.....just the number you want out of your first baseman/cleanup hitter. Rios and Lind each hit a triple not back to back and, of course, neither of them scored. Lind now has a ten game hitting streak.

I'm not going to post the fangraph but you can look at it here. Basically it was anyone's game most of the way thru, or would have been anyone's game if we were a team that could drive in a runner from third with no one out.

Jay of the Day? Really no one but giving it to Cy (.090 WPA). He continues to amaze. I really thought that major league batters would figure him out but so far they haven't.

Suckage Jay? Could really pick any of those guys that held a bat.....though Inglett was 3 for 5. So we'll have Scoot (-.158, 0 for 5 and left 3 on base) and Mac (-.127, 1 for 4 but left 3 on as well).

It was a series we needed to win, if not sweep and our bats were terrible. Apparently Rolen has an 'ailing shoulder' and will be sitting more often the rest of the way. They say he doesn't need surgery.

And again.....just in case JP needs to hear it some more IT IS TIME TO SELL. Pull the trigger JP, we aren't going anywhere.