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Trade Deadline Stuff

Was hoping the Jays would have made some move so we'd have something to talk about but....not yet anyway. There was a story about them asking about Jason Bay, but apparently the Pirates wanted Shawn Marcum and Travis Snider. It sounds, at the moment like the Rays will be getting Bay for shortstop Reid Brignac and pitcher Jeff Niemann. Sounds like a great deal for the Rays.

The big deal at the moment is Ken Griffey gonig to the White Sox for pitch Nick Masset and second baseman Danny Richar. I don't understand what Chicago intends to do with Griffey, they have Dye, Quentin, and Swisher in the outfield with Thome at DH. Dye and Quentin are having great seasons, Swisher someone less great but Swisher is in CF and I can't imagine Griffey will be playing CF.

So far I think the big winner so far are the Yankees...getting Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth, half the fun of going to the couple of games at Yankee Stadium last year was going into the jeering of Kyle. Farnsworth is doing better this season and the Tigers need help in the pen but.....thought they would have got more for Pudge. And getting Damaso Marte and Xavier Nagy for a bunch of prospects. And getting the Astros to take LaTroy Hawkins from them is a big win, have no idea for the Astros are thinking.

The Mariners traded Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins for Gaby Hernandez a pitchers with a 7.24 ERA in Albquerque of the PCL. Rhodes can't hurt in the Marlins bullpen.

Ten minutes to the deadine and the Jays are standing pat.....I guess JP thinks a .500 team is a good thing. What I hate is people using the injuries we've had as an excuse for the team not doing well. When we were healthy we were a lousy team. The Yankees have had far worse injury troubles then we've had. Our problem is we have no depth on the team, and a GM ought to plan for some troubles.