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How many more ways are there to say depressing.

Well they got to the over on hits with RISP, got three, one a single that didn't score the runner from second and two more after is was decided. Inglett went 2 for 4 with a triple, he's been amazing. I don't understand why JP wants to trade for another middle infielder, lets ride Inglett until he stops hitting. Rios was 2 for 4. Lind got a hit and Frasor pitched a scoreless inning.

Bad.....Burnett was hit hard and often. 12 hits against with two homeruns amoung them, lowering his trade value more. Wells, Stairs, Rolen and Barajas were 0 fer, though to be fair Stairs took two walks. We didn't score till the 8th when we were down 8-zip.

Jay of the Day....well there wasn't one...only players above 0 in WPA were Lind .005 and Frasor .001.

For those interested in the it is....I doubt I have to explain...started bad and didn't get better....

Tomorrow Doc vs Lackey.