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The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same, Game 88 Thread, Jays at Angels

We have Halladay vs. John Lackey tonight. Now I'd say it should be a pitcher's duel, with Doc being Doc and Lackey having a 1.44 era after nine starts, but I said that yesterday. Then AJ served up batting practice to the Angels, admittedly with help from Rios not making a play he should have, while somehow not getting an error on the play. So I won't say it.

Yesterday I set the over/under on Jays hits with RISP at 2 and they got three. With no one taking the over the house won. I think I'll set it at 2 again.

Reading about the Jays wanting to get a SS for AJ interests me, I think they are getting decent offense out of the group they have. And Jackson could be up in the majors in a couple of years. Between that and me not being able to think of a SS I'd want, I think that we should DH with power. Barring that I wouldn't mind them getting a right handed reliever that a manager could have some faith in.

Of course, the way AJ pitched yesterday I think we'd be lucky to get a bag of bats for him. Don't laugh; my city's minor league team traded a player for some bats.

So we'll have two polls tonight....

I am out tonight so won't be able to watch the game, this is week from H E double hockey sticks for me, not sure how many games I'll watch this week. And tomorrow is my anniversary, can you imagine someone putting up with me for 23 years?