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Hey.....are they allowed to do this?

We win one!!!!! Yay!!!

Want the funny part my count they only had two hits with RISP....which would hit my number for over/ wins. But because of 4, count 'em 4 errors by the angels and a home run by Vernon we get 7 runs and win.

Halladay goes 7striking out 7 and only giving up 2 runs, on a Vladdy homer. Rios goes 3 for 4 (all singles). BJ gives up two runs in the 9th to make it close....whoops this was supposed to be the good paragraph.

As you can see things were going good till the bottom of the fourth when Vladdy got his homer off Doc and made it a game for a bit. Then Vernon hit one (are we allowed to hit homers??) and the game was never really in doubt till BJ came into the game. Then there was a big blip in the wrong direction.

Jays of the Day Halladay (.125 wpa), Wells (.231) and Rios (.125). Suckage Jay....well Rolen (-.066).

For the season our batting leader is Inglett at .048. Our suckage leader Stairs at       -1.29. Anyone surprised? Among starting pitchers Marcum leads at 2.28. Relievers Downs leads at 1.80. Accardo narrowly leads the relievers in suckage -0.59, just slightly worse than Benitez -0.53.

Next game tomorrow 3:35 eastern start. Litsch vs Garland, should be fun. I'm busy in the morning but hopefully will be home in time to start a game thread.