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Top 60 Reasons to Fire JP

Today's fun is to list the top 60 reasons to fire JP. I'll get us started but everyone is to leave a handful of their own favorites.

1. Vernon's Contract.

2. Thomas' Contract.

3. Dumping Thomas without having a plan oh who will fill his role on the team.

4. Sending Lind down after a handful of at bats.

5. Signing Wilkerson, after he was already released by the Marlins.

6. Not bringing Lind back up when Wilkerson proved that he wasn't a major league batter, till Cito insisted.

7. Not making any moves at the trading deadline.

8. Hiring Gibby.

9. Hiring Gary Denbo.

10. Thinking Stairs could have another season like last year's.

11. Signing Stewart.

Ok that's enough for me.....everyone please leave your handful of favorites.