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Good News on a Sunday

Vernon Wells will play DH for us today! His rehab lasted two days, he DHed on Friday and played CF yesterday. In the two games he went 0 for 6 with a walk, so I guess hoping that he'll power the team to victory today might be too much to hope for. It will be interesting to see what Cito does with the lineup. Please, please leave Wilk's name off it. I wonder who the Jays will remove from the roster?

And Jeremy Accardo says he is just about ready to return. That will cause another interesting decission. Shannon Stewart must getting close to the point where the Jays will have to decide what to do with him too.

With the Wild Card race slipping away I think it's time to change our goal for the seaons, right now I'd like to see them finish ahead of the Yankees. Their bullpen looked sad yesterday in the loss to the Angels. They gave up 8 runs in the 8th inning. Red Sox and Rays keep winning enough to stay ahead of us sad sacks though.

Just found it....Kevin Mench has been sent to Triple A. Scoot is going to play RF for us today. Yeah that's right. Scoot, right field. And we thought we didn't like Inglett in a corner outfield spot.