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Scott Rolen to the DL

The Jays have put Scott Rolen on the DL, guess his shoulder isn't getting better. The real question is will a couple of weeks off improve it. It sounds like they are going to bring up Mench to full his roster spot, so we'll get to see all our middle infielders every game, should really improve our offense. I was kind of hoping for Scott Campbell, but I wouldn't do a lot for our offense either. Watching Scoot at third every day likely will drive me to drink.

We aren't the only team adding to the DL, Tim Wakefield is down with 'tightness in his right shoulder' and the Rays put Carl Crawford on the DL with a subluxation of his right middle finger. If you want to know what that means:

Crawford's injury is located at the base of the middle finger of his right hand at the joint connecting the finger to the hand. The tendon used to straighten the fingers has come out of its groove, which causes the finger to lock into position when he bends his finger downward. He must push the tendon back into place to again straighten his finger.

He will miss 6 to 8 weeks unless he needs surgery then he's done for the season. Rocco Baldelli has been activated from the DL to take his spot.

And everyone's favorite former Jay, Orlando Hudson, is finished for at least the season with a dislocated wrist. He had surgery to put the bone back in place yesterday and later he'll need more surgery to repair damaged ligaments.