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That Was More Fun

Winning is more fun than losing. And we beat a good starter, knocked him out of the game early. And we got a home run! Our third of the month! Three! Some teams get three home runs in one game. We have three this month. The last time a Jay not named Barajas hit a home run was August 1st, when Scott Rolen hit one and now he is on the DL.

It is great to see Marcum pitch well. It wasn't his best start; he gave up 8 hits and a home run in 6 innings. But only two runs and, for a change, two runs didn't mean a loss. Again our bullpen was great, three innings, one each from League, Downs and BJ. BJ was the only one to allow base runners, a walk and a double. He was hit hard but it didn't cost him.

You have to feel good for Brandon League. He is pitching so well. Two strikeouts and a little nubber back to him. And Snakeface.....his been amazing all year long It has to be one of the top 2 or 3 best seasons for a setup man in Jay's history.

Offensively we got hits from everyone but Inglett and Lind, Lind hasn't hit in 3 straight games though he had two hard line drives that found glove. Wells, Stairs and Barajas each had two hits. And Mac got his average over .200 (minor victories are still victories).

The Fangraph:


Jays of the Day? Marcum (.138 WPA), Vernon (.146), Barajas (.130) and Stairs (.124). No real Suckage Jay, Inglett got the worst score (-.058). Obviously the big play of the game was the Barajas home run (.121).

In Jay's news.....ok this one I don't understand. The Jays have called up Jesse Litsch to start Thursday against Detroit. Parrish has been sent back to AAA and Richmond goes to the pen. Yeah....where to start? It seems obvious that Richmond wasn't sent down so as not to start a PR storm. If he was sent down the folks unhappy about them 'stealing' him from the Olympic team would go nuts.

Parrish has been terrific out of the pen. I can't imagine the set of circumstances that would cause Cito to call Richmond out of the pen. It would have to involve some break out of a deadly illness or a sniper. Once again I have no clue what goes on in JP's mind. But I guess it isn't my job. At least it gives me an idea about what Hugo will be writing about in the morning.

In other news Evan Longoria was put on the DL today with a fractured wrist. That's two Ray's stars to go on the DL in the last two days. With the Yankee's troubles and the Red Sox losing Manny and Wakefield it really is too bad that we aren't in the race. Should be an interesting last 7 weeks of the season.