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Thoughts for a Tuesday

Just had to comment on this story about Shannon Stewart. Shannon is 'bewildered' that he's been released. Bewildered. Do you think he hasn't looked at his stats? Yeah, they are better than Wilks, but Wilk can play all three outfield spots, and since the role he'd have if he was up with the Jays is fourth outfielder having someone that can go in at any spot is important. And he wouldn't be going in as a defensive replacement for Lind. He did say something I agree with:

"In all honesty I don't really understand why I was brought over here, the whole experience didn't make much sense," said Stewart

So we agree on something, I have no idea why he was brought over here either.

Brian Tallet is starting a rehab assignment. Cito has said that Accardo might not be back this season and all but said that there is no way Hill will be back this year. Gotta hope he'll be back, healthy and playing, next season.

In other news the Red Sox called up a knuckleballer, Charlie Zink, to replace the knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield, they put on the DL. Must be nice to use manufacturer approved replacements parts.

Joba Chamberlain is to start throwing again on Friday and Hideki Matsui should start a rehab assignment next week. As much as I hate the Yankees I can't bring myself to cheer for their players to be hurt, so is good they are coming back. Oh course if ARod got injured I might bring myself to dance a little bit.

And in case you think beach volleyball is the only think worth watching at the Olympics, at least one Javelin thower from Paraguay, Leryn Franco, is worth looking at: