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There Was Trouble in a Roadhouse Out on the Michigan Line - Game Thread, Toronto at Detroit


Toronto Blue Jays @ Detroit Tigers

08/12/08 7:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Detroit Tigers
Joe Inglett - 2B Curtis Granderson - CF
Marco Scutaro - 3B Placido Polanco - 2B
Alex Rios - RF Carlos Guillen - 3B
Vernon Wells - CF Magglio Ordonez - RF
Matt Stairs - DH Miguel Cabrera - 1B
Rod Barajas - C Matt Joyce - LF
Adam Lind - LF Gary Sheffield - DH
Lyle Overbay - 1B Edgar Renteria - SS
John McDonald - SS Brandon Inge - C

Today's title comes from the stark and crushing Bruce Springsteen song "Highway Patrolman," off the Nebraska album, which is essentially just The Man kicking the crap out of John Q. Public, set to music. Not sure what it says about me that it is my favorite Springsteen record.

A.J. faces off against Zack Miner today in the second game of the series, and the Jays look to stay above .500. Let's go Jays!