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And August / I'm On Your Side / Or Did I Speak Too Soon? / Now We've Crossed the Great Divide

Hope you all got to see the game yesterday, that was a beaut.  Today's title is from August, by Rilo Kiley, which is a great tune.

So, if the Jays were playing to their Pythagorean record, they'd be 64-55 and right in the wild-card race.  What is sort of funny, though, is that the Jays' hitting this month (so far) is actually the worst of any month.  In August so far, the Jays are .254/.317/.358 which is truly pathetic and over 20 OPS points worse than May, their worst month at the plate.  At the beginning of the season, at least they were getting on base about 34% of the time, but that's now way down (.320 OBP in the month of July before their .317 thusfar this month). Ironically, can you guess the Jays' worst offensive position?  If you guessed DH, you are right.  It's true, Jays' DHes have a pathetic .222/.321/.362 line, worse than any other position.  When the Jays aren't getting great production out of any position, having what is supposed to be a hitting specialist post by far the worst line of the team is just killing them.

For a more fun stat, the Jays' bullpen is holding the opposition to a Royce Clayton-esque .194/.286/.261 line since the All-Star break.  Woohoo!

I was watching the Tigers' feed yesterday, but according to those watching the Jays' feed on Rogers, it was confirmed by Jamie Campbell that Aaron Hill is done for the season.  Hill just hasn't been able to shake the post-concussion symptoms following his May 29 collision with David Eckstein.  This is such a sad story and I just hope that some rest over the off-season is what Hill needs to get back to playing baseball.  According to an article in yesterday's Star, the Jays are also close to shutting down Accardo for the season, though he is also ready to start a rehab assignment.

So, we were talking yesterday about possibly making a run at signing Manny Ramirez in the offseason.  Funny story about Manny yesterday, he didn't show up to left-field for the 9th inning.

Having Vernon back in centerfield everyday makes a huge difference.  If Rios could just start hitting, we'd actually have a good outfield. 

In other fun news, Travis Snider homered and doubled yesterday for Syracuse.  Brett Cecil had a little bit of a tough day (4 IP, 3 ER), he did strike out 5 in 4 innings though.

Hope everyone enjoys their day, I've got a softball game after work but will be around later on.