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Well, Three in a Row is Pretty Good

The good news, Jesse is back and boy did he pitch great. 7 innings, 4 hits, two walks and 3 k's, can't ask for much more from the guy. And Lyle hit his second homerun of the month, making it his second best month for homers this season. Our powerful first baseman has hit 9 now this season and a big 47 RBIs, keeping him near the top of the team.

The bad, well the offense only managed 6 hits and the one run. And everyone's favorite manager Cito. In yesterday's game as you might remember Jason Frasor pitched two good innings, so one would imagine that he'd have today off. But no, after Litsch pitched his 7 throwing 111 pitches, Cito brings in Cy and Cy gets Granderson to fly out. Then Cito brings Frasor in. Why? Can't he remember that Frasor pitched two innings yesterday. And Cy has proven over and over this season that he's not just a LOOGY. He can get righties out.

Frasor walks Polanco, gets Ordonez to fly out. Then Cabrera singles home Polanco. Then Frasor intentionally walks Sheffield and then unintentionally walks Matt Joyce. I wonder what the on base percentage for batters right after an intentional walk is. I think getting a pitcher's focus off the strike zone for a batter is a bad thing. Like the bunt, I think the intentional walk 90% of time is over managing. Now any other manager would had noticed that his pitcher doesn't have anything and got someone else into the game. Not our Cito.

Frasor gives up a double to Renteria, giving the Tigers a two run lead and basically ending the game. Cito finally decides to give up his statue impersonation and pulls Frasor for Camp. Too late of course. Camp gives up a single to score two more and then gets out of the inning. Frasor is charged with 5 earned, driving his ERA to 4.43 in a game he had no business being in.

Anyway the Fangraph looks the way you think it would:



Jay of the Day: Jesse Litsch (.494! WPA). Honorable mention Overbay. Suckage Jays: Frasor (-.690), but not his fault, who leaves a reliever in for 5 earned and Vernon (-.145) for an 0 for 4. Tomorrow we start a series against the Red Sox with Halladay against Byrd. Wasn't that Doc's last start....but Byrd was pitching for the Indians then. Hopefully we'll get some runs for Doc. If we are going to make a move we have to win the series' upcoming with the BoSox and the Yankees. Speaking of Doc there is a nice piece about Doc and Cliff Lee and this year's Cy Young, here.

264 comments in the game thread this afternoon. The game thread are becoming more and more fun the last few games. Nice to be getting a good group in. And it's great to see new people coming into the site all the time. Feel free to comment on any of the stories, point out where we are wrong and, if you have anything you'd like to share there is a spot to put fanposts up. It is always fun to share opinions.