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Cruel Minor Change / When Your Heartstrings Break

The Jays once again showed their inability to go on a nice sustained winning streak yesterday afternoon, when the bullpen imploded.  I agree with Rince - Frasor had only thrown 25 pitches the day before over his two innings, but I would've preferred the Jays to keep Carlson in or go to someone fresh.  Those Tigers middle-of-the-lineup guys are fantastic fastball hitters and Frasor's fastball looked arrow-straight (on the replay - I didnt get to watch the game real time as I was at work).  On the plus side:

"I went down (to Triple A) and tried to improve my game," Litsch said afterward. "It worked."


It sure did.  Litsch was great, using both sides of the plate more than he had and mixing in his pitches better.  He wasn't pressing and stayed in control of the game throughout, despite the close score.

As for the Cito v. Gibby argument, I do think that playing Lind everyday is a big deal.  I can't express how much it helps the team (not to mention my psyche) not to see Wilkerson out there everyday.  Beyond that, it's hard to quantify how many wins a great manager adds or how many a bad one loses.  Baseball being what it is, sometimes a bonehead move will have a better result than a more well-advised move would've had.  I'm not defending dumb moves, just acknowledging that sometimes they do work out and so it's hard to quantify exactly what effect a manager has (for that and other reasons).  If the team is playing decently and the players seem to like and respect the manager, my view is just keep him around.  I always thought that Gibby was a little more canny than people gave him credit for though. 

Sounds like Scott Downs is hoping to avoid a DL trip, though I'm guessing we can rule him out for the Boston series.  The way the Sox have been thumping the ball, it will be quite a challenge for Doc, A.J., Marcum, and the pen.  Paul Byrd makes his first start for Boston tonight against Doc and it is going to be pretty frustrating to watch him shut us down, so let's hope it doesn't happen. 

By the way, today's title comes from a song and a record by the great but short-lived band Beulah, which mixed the punk and 60's pop-rock better than any band I've heard.  You can hear one of their songs on the web-tv show Clark & Michael, which I've been enjoying in my spare time.