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Friday Thoughts....

I was going to write something about Cito this morning but this on Mockingbird said everything I wanted to, with less typing for me.

We are rolling into Boston at just the wrong time, they scored 37 runs in a three game series against Texas but then we'll throw better pitchers up against them than Francisco, Mendoza and Hunter. Let's see them got 37 against Doc, AJ and Marcum. On the other hand, let's not see that.

Speaking of the Red Sox, Jonathan Papelbon isn't unhappy Manny is gone. Papelbon isn't one of the great interviews of all time.....

A piece on on 2008 first round draft picks mentioned David Cooper:

As the first first-rounder to sign, Cooper has taken advantage of the extra playing time. He's been twice promoted and the Cal product is now in the Class A Advanced Florida State League. Combined, he's hit an impressive .336 in 52 games with a .923 OPS, driving in 44 runs in 211 at-bats.

Russ Adams seems to have found himself at the plate at Triple A batting .395 with 3 homeruns and 10 RBI in his last ten games. I guess it won't mean anything for him but I'd like to see someone else at third other than Scoot while Rolen is on the DL.

I guess you all heard that the White Sox hit four homeruns. I'm not sure what the big deal is, we've hit five this month. What? They hit four in a row! Oh ok.