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Three Quarter Report Card, Pitchers

Halladay A…Doc has been and continues to be great. I really think he should get the CY Young this year, but likely won't because Lee has a better won/loss record. He has been showing frustraition with umpires more lately than I ever remember before.

Marcum A…He looks like he's 100% which is great to see. It took a few games to build up his endurance and Cito isn't big on pulling guys early for some little reason like they are coming off an arm injury.

Burnett B…For August he has a 6.11 ERA and a 3-0 record, how can a guy have a 3 wins with that ERA with our offense? He had a good July, 4-2, 3.86. He has more wins and more strikeouts than Doc, who would have thought?

Litsch C-….Impossible to mark really, he was awful in July 0-3 and a 7.85 ERA but yesterday he was terrific, let's hope the terrific Jesse stays around

Carlson A…He seems to have lost Cito's confidence. I have no idea why? He's been great all season, Cito has turned him into a LOOGY and he's been so much better than that.

Downs A+…If you look up overused in the dictionary guess who's picture you'd see. I hope he won't miss too much time with the ankle but I'd imagine he'll end up on the DL

Frasor B…He has been very good until Cito used him yesterday after he had pitched to innings the night before and then left him out for 5 earned. Other than that he's been wonderful for the past little while.

Ryan A…He's had the odd bad game but mostly he's been terrific. 23 and 3 blown. How many guys come back from Tommy John and are that good the next year.
Camp C…Camp is one of the guys that Cito doesn't have any faith in. He has been against right-handed batters. Shouldn't pitch against lefties.

League A....League has gained Cito's confidence. Hopefully that won't mean he'll be overused too much.

Purcey C-....Looks like he is coming into his own. Likely his final mark will be higher. In August he has thrown 17 innings and has 16 k's.

Everyone else gets an incomplete. Richmond looked decent as a starter, I doubt that he'll come out of the pen in a game unless we are losing by 5 or more.

Ricardi D…Wish he would pull the trigger on a trade! The pitching staff is good. and we've seen that we do have a number of good pitching prospects coming up. Will admit he is in a tough spot, Lord knows if Rios' power will come back? How do you plan? We need a DH badly and it should be too hard to find one.

Cito C+.
...Still waiting to see that his ability as a batting coach cause someone to start hitting with some power. When he was hired, Stairs said that he would make all the difference, still waiting. He did get Lind called up, YAY. He rides the pitchers he likes very hard and ones that he doesn't like won't pitch. Leaving Doc out for 130 pitches in a game that he wasn't going to win was hard to take, Litsch threw 110 pitches yesterday. Using Downs in the ninth when we have a 4 run lead was even harder to understand. If he likes you you will throw til your arm falls off.