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I'm Back

Some of the older Bluebird Banter readers might remember me. Before the SB Nation switch-over, I was Matt, doing a bit of blogging for Bluebird Banter. But after Spring Training, I got offered a job as a Beat Writer for the Boston Red Sox from a newspaper in Florida. I've spent the last year in Red Sox Nation, covering their team.

But recently, I got tired of blogging the Red Sox and not my life-long favorite team, the Jays. So I found someone else for the paper that could be the Beat Writer for the Sox, and in return, they offered me the job as the Beat Writer of the Toronto Blue Jays. Also, they are letting me blog my adventures as the Jays Beat Writer, on this blog. All I have to do is occasionally post some of my newspaper articles on the blog. So the readers now have an inside look at the Toronto Blue Jays from a Beat Writer's perspective.

I'm still getting used to covering the Jays, so my regular posting will probably start Tuesday, when the Jays are back in Toronto against the Yankees. Also, tomorrow I will be posting an idea Hugo, Tom, and I had for the blog. Be sure to check out Bluebird Banter tomorrow to check out that surprise idea!