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It's Just a Shadow in the Way: Jays 15, BoSox 4

A fangraph like todays is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  The Jays pummeled the irritating Josh Beckett and the Boston Red Sox today, taking a 6-0 lead in the 1st inning and never looking back.  There was no shortage of great offensive performances from the Jays - all of them except Rod Barajas had hits, and Barajas reached and scored twice (once on a walk, once on an HBP) Alex Rios was 5-6 with 4(!) doubles, Lyle Overbay was 3-4 with 2 doubles and a walk, John MacDonald added 3 hits, 2 doubles, and 3 RBI,  and Adam Lind hit his 8th HR of the season as well as 2 other hits for 4 RBI.  Even Brad Wilkerson got in on the fun with an RBI triple.  A great time was had by all. 

On the other side of the ball, Shaun Marcum wasn't at his sharpest, but he got through 5 innings yielding only 1 run, and the Sox do have a good offense.  Marcum was assisted by some great defense behind him.  The Jays turned 4 double plays during the game and Marco Scutaro, Vernon Wells, and John MacDonald made some very nice plays.  The bullpen gave up some runs, but they finished the game off without too much drama as the Jays kept piling on. Adam Lind and Lyle Overbay were Jays of the Day, with Marcum and J-Mac getting honourable mention.

The Jays sit 7 games out of the wildcard, with the Yankees, Twins, and the aforementioned Sox all ahead of them in that department.  It's an extremely long shot, but it's good to see the Jays scoring runs and winning games.

Incidentally, today's title comes from a fun song by Raleigh, North Carolina's own Tift Merritt, an alt-country singer/songwriter.  Let's just say I'm a fan.