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2008 Bluebird Banter Fantasy Football League

Morning, all. I know I'm right in saying that there is alot of Bluebird Banter readers that follow and love the NFL. So I got to thinking, 'Why not start a fantasy football league for the community of Bluebird Banter?' So here it is. I will start the league as soon as I get enough interest so that we can have a decent size league. So please, post in this thread if you are interested in joining. There is no set date as to which the sign-ups will be closed, but there will only be a limited number of spaces available. So the sooner you sign-up in this thread, the more guaranteed of a spot you will have!

For those of you wondering, I still am not sure which site I am going to use to create the league, but I do have 2-3 sites in mind. I just have to whittle it down to one. I'll make sure to let everyone know what site I have chosen to host our league.

2008 Bluebird Banter Fantasy Football League Members:

1) Matty Gaul
2) Jevant
3) Hugo
4) Bunner
5) SuckaMD
6) Hopelessjaysfan