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If These Things Change Your Day / If These Things Make Your Day


New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays

08/19/08 7:07 PM EDT

New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays
Johnny Damon - CF Joe Inglett - 2B
Derek Jeter - SS Marco Scutaro - 3B
Bobby Abreu - RF Alex Rios - RF
Alex Rodriguez - 3B Vernon Wells - CF
Jason Giambi - 1B Adam Lind - LF
Xavier Nady - LF Lyle Overbay - 1B
Hideki Matsui - DH Matt Stairs - DH
Robinson Cano - 2B Rod Barajas - C
Ivan Rodriguez - C John McDonald - SS

Today's title comes from the great song "Star Sign" from the classic Teenage Fanclub record Bandwagonesque. A win today for the Jays over the hated Yankees would definitely make my day.

A.J. Burnett pitches for the Jays and looks for his 16th win of the season against a tough Yankee lineup. Darrell Rasner pitches for the Yankees. The Yankees laid a serious beating on Brian Bannister and the Royals on Sunday, so here's hoping the Jays can cool their bats down the way our heroes were able to do with Boston.

I'll be around watching the game tonight, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Let's go Jays!