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Questions Answered

Your questions to some of the Jays have been replied to with the answers. The Jays, in case you were wondering, are great guys to talk to. Not one of them get pissed at you without very, very good reason.

The game starts in approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, so in the immortal word of Terrell Owens, "Getcha popcorn ready!" I'm just getting settled down in the press box with my laptop and watching the Yankees finish up their Batting Practice. By the looks of things, look for Jeter to have a nice night at the plate.

Well, I must go and talk with some of the other press, get myself aquainted and what-not, so that's all for now. Look for my newspaper article to be posted sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'll set-up the gamethread in about fifteen minutes time, unless it's already done so by the time I check back on the blog.