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Show Me How You Do That Trick

One of my favourite songs of all time (the Cure's "Just Like Heaven") for one of the most fun games this season.  A blast, and Matty's interview-ettes of X, of Lyle, and of Litsch just before gametime were a real treat.

A.J. Burnett came out and completely stifled the Yankees, despite the Jays on several occasions barely giving him the chance to catch his breath between innings.  A.J. was masterful, striking out 13 and walking only 1.  The one blemish on his line was walking Damon to lead off the game and then surrendering a double to Abreu to plate him. 

It looked for much of the game that A.J. might be the hard luck loser, as the Jays couldn't muster anything against Yankee starter Darrell Rasner (hopefully no relation to the guy who directed that terrible X-Men movie).  The Yankees got only 3 hits off Rasner - fortunately, the last of these was an Adam Lind solo shot in the 7th inning, tying the game at 1.  That was Lind's third straight game with a dinger (for 9 overall) and it seems inevitable now that he will end up leading the team.  And let it not be forgotten that our own Norm DePalma called the Lind homer. 

With the score tied 1-1 going to the 8th, things really got interesting.  A.J., though already at 110 pitches, came out and pitched a great 8th inning, getting three easy groundouts.  The Jays came up and Barajas and Mac promptly got out.  Joe Inglett, however, lined an oppo field single to bring up Scooter.  Scutaro hit a long fly ball to dead center, and Johnny Damon was able to get under the ball but not able to haul it in, as the ball caromed off the top of his glove and Inglett came around to score.  It was the second ball that Damon dropped during the game, and neither one was a particularly difficult play. 

B.J. Ryan entered and looked sharp - but A-rod hit a cheapie flair just over Overbay's head.  The ball rolled into foul territory as A-rod rounded first and headed for second.  In a fantastic play, though, Lyle pounced on the ball in a sliding grab and threw a perfect one-hop strike to Mac covering second.  Mac applied the tag and A-rod was clearly out.  B.J. retired Giambi and Nady without any fuss, looking quite good in the process, and the Jays had won another one! 

We can forgive the pathetic hitting since the Jays won this one, and Jays of the Day go to Burnett, Lind, and Ryan.  Scoot certainly deserves something, though really Damon gets the credit, and Lyle definitely merits honourable mention for his spectacular (and likely game-saving) play in the 9th.