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Game Recap for a Crappy Crappy Game

I'm really not sure what to say about that.....most of what I can think of starts with an F. Taking the long view? We aren't going anywhere so why let it bother me? We are a game under .500, management is happy with the team the way it is. If they don't care, why should we?

The game itself....well here is the fangraph:


So as you can see we had the game won early then the bottom of the 5th came and then it was anybody's game again till the top of the 9th and Lind's triple and we had it won again about a 95% chance of a win. Hasn't Lind been amazing since he was recalled. Can you imagine any evaluator of baseball talent thinking that Brad Wilkerson was a better choice in the outfield? If you employed someone that thought that wouldn't you fired him?

Anyway the bottom of the 9th was an awful thing. Watching it I was sure BJ has an arm injury. Something wasn't right. He had nothing on any of his pitches. I guess on the positive side, it was only his third blown save and his first since early June.

Eck played second base today, he didn't really get to show if he could or couldn't play the position but I'm all for anything that keeps Wilk out of the lineup. With Eck at second Inglett played right and Wilk took his rightful spot on the bench. Now if we could just release him, I'd like stop running JP should be fired least for a day or two.

Also positive, our offense hit Tommy Hunter like he was an 80 year old country music singer. Rolen hit a three run homer. Everyone in our starting nine had at least one hit. After the last couple of games it was very nice to see.  Cy, League and Snakeface each pitched well in relief although Cy did give up a two run single.

Marcum.....well he pitched great for the first 3 innings then gave up a two run homer to Josh Hamilton in the fouth. Boy he has a great swing. Josh left the game feeling 'light headed' whatever that might mean, I hope it is nothing too serious, just something to keep him out of the next couple of games. In the 5th the wheels totally came off for Marcum. It really seems like Marcum should have had a couple more rehab starts. He has no endurance but Cito is very slow to notice that and leaves him out long after he's lost it each start. Continuing to throw after he's lost it likely isn't helping his arm. Throwing after the arm is tired is a good way to injure it.

Jay of the Day? Lind (.193 WPA), League (.173) and Rolen (.125). Suckage Jay? Take a wild guess? BJ was an amazing (-.903).

Tomorrow night AJ goes up against Scott Feldman (4-3, 4.97). Feldman was 2-0 with a 7.06 ERA in July, so we should be able to score against him. And AJ's been great lately.