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Stood By Unbelieving

Morning all.  Yesterday's game was pretty exciting.  Like the Jayhawks (in their great song "Blue"), the source of today's title, I stood by unbelieving at the exciting comeback and then the way the game ended.

The Jays are now 5 games over .500 - of course, they have a lot of games left against good teams, but they're on track for yet another "okay" season. I have to admit, I'd like it if they pass the Yankees.

Scott Rolen is eligible to come off the DL this Saturday, but it's definitely not helping.  Cito said Rolen hasn't even been playing baseball, just getting therapy on his shoulder.  The Jays have an investment in Rolen for the next two seasons and my guess is that he doesn't play again this year.  The Jays will make a decision on his status sometime next week around the time they play the Rays. 

With each start, A.J. makes it less and less likely that he'll return as a Jay.  If he can get Zito money over 4-5 years, how could he leave it on the table, and how could the Jays offer him a contract like that knowing his injury history and age?

Scott Richmond made his first start for Syracuse after his demotion and pitched very well, striking out 5 over 5 innings, walking two, and giving up 4 hits and only 1 run, on a solo homer.  Jeremy Accardo also pitched - he gave up a single and a walk in his inning, but no runs.  He struck out one.  Mark "Zep" Rzepczynski pitched a great game for Lansing (A-Ball), going 6 scoreless with fewer baserunners than innings and 9 Ks. 

Lyle's play last night was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning - wow.  Too bad he never learned to field righty - he likely has the range and arm to be a solid MLB third-baseman.  The other Jays were sure loving it.