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Everytime I Make a Run Girl You Turn Around and Cry: Boston 8, Jays 4

In Wyclef's immortal words, everytime the Jays make a run, it seems like they're unable to capitalize right when they're starting to climb back into it.

Well, that wasn't fun.  Shaun Marcum didn't have it, and couldnt' get out of the 4th inning. Marcum wasn't completely awful, but he was a little off with his command, afraid to pitch inside, and still missing the velocity he had before going on the DL.

Offensively, the Jays fought back, behind a 2-run HR by Lyle Overbay, but weren't able to capitalize on a few chances.  Brian Tallet and Jason Frasor pitched well in relief to keep the Jays close, but Shawn Camp was unable to do the same. 

Today, the Jays hope for better things, but they have their workcut out for them.  Jon Lester, who has pitched very well this year and throws with his left hand, like everyone else who has shut us down. 

In the minors, Bluebird Banter favourite Jimmy Dougher pitched a great game yesterday for Class-A Lansing.  Dougher pitched 5 innings and struck out 5, walking no one.  Ryan Koch and Tim Collins also pitched well in relief.  Scott Campbell had another nice day for New Hampshire, going 1-4 with a double and walking twice.  J.P. Arencibia hit a HR and also walked.  Seth Overbey got the win for New Hampshire by throwing 3 scoreless innings in relief.