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Shawn Marcum Optioned to Triple A

Ok, I've been away for a week and I know Shawn didn't have a good start on Friday....but does this make sense to anybody? Marcum's is going to down and John Parrish is coming up to fill his spot in the rotation.

"We've got some chance here to catch these guys," Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said. "We want to put the best possible group out there that we can right now. He's just been struggling throwing strikes, so we want to just let him go down there and work out some of the kinks."

I felt that Shawn could have had one or two more rehab starts before coming back from his injury and I also thought that Cito had left him out on the mound for to many pitches in his first couple of outings when he came back. Since the Triple A season ends September 1st he will only be able to make one or two starts there. Will he be back in the rotation after Syracuse's season finishes?

The flip side is that John Parrish will be back in the rotation. I don't know....he had a few starts earlier in the season and those starts prompted the Jays to call up Scott Richmond. Can Parrish help the team in a very unlikely playoff run? I guess we shall see.