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Tuesday Notes

Apparently Scott Rolen will be activated for tonight's game, I would have thought he might have had a couple of rehab starts. It will be nice not to see Scoot at third, though maybe Rolen will be DH tonight. I hope his shoulder is better and that he'll be able to play the rest of the season.

Having had a day to think about it, I've come to the opinion that Diaz for Bautista is not a trade I'd have made. Diaz has had an off year due to injuries and he doesn't walk as much as we might want but we really have no clue who will be catcher next season and Bautista is coming up on arbitration. How many middle infielder types do we need? His career stats aren't anything to brag about, you can check out here, but he doesn't have a OPS+ of over 100 in any season. He has hit 43 home runs over the last 3 seasons but would we really want him for the amount of money he'll get now that he is arbitration eligible?