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A Win in Tampa Bay??

Is that allowed? Really good to see Doc get a win there, he's had a rough time against the Rays this year, but pitched 6 strong innings tonight, 6 hits and 7 k's. Then the bullpen pitched 3 shutout innings. Cy (hold 16), League, Downs (hold 19) and Ryan in a non-save spot.

And offensively 12 hits, everyone in the starting line up hit except Inglett (0 for 4) and Lind (0 for 4 with a walk and a run). Rios, Overbay and Barajas each went 2 for 4, Rod with a homer and Wells went 3 for 4 with a homer, his fourth in the last three games.

Boy it is nice to see the power, I think we had 5 home runs by about the middle of the month. I know we are pretty much in spoiler mode now, with the Sox beating the Yankees tonight we are 8 back in the Wild Card, but just 2 behind the Yankees and 11.5 back of the Rays in the East. But the good part is: the team is much more fun to watch.

The Fangraph: Aug_26_medium

Jays of the Day: Lyle (.179 WPA), Vernon (.159) and Doc (.122). Suckage Jay: Inglett (.105), who had just a terrble time at the plate.

 In other Blue Jay news, Accardo is being 'shut down' for the season,

opting to have the injured pitcher get an early start to his offseason in an effort to make a healthy return for next year.

Tomorrow it is David Purcey against Matt Garza. Purcey has been striking a lot of batters, hope tomorrow he can put it all together and get us another win. Even when we haven't won the games have been a lot more fun to watch lately.