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Where Have You Been, My Blue-Eyed Son?

So I was definitely not expecting this, but Scott Rolen has been activated from the DL and is apparently ready to start playing everyday.  Cito says that Rolen will probably sit today but will be in the lineup on "pretty much" an everyday basis beginning Friday.  I guess Rolen is feeling healthy enough, and if so I'm all for it.  As long as he gets his rest and his shoulder is strong enough next season, if he can show something down the stretch offensively it'll definitely give me some more confidence heading into next year. So I guess Rolen took Mench's place? 

So I'm assuming that Inglett and Scutaro will platoon at 2nd and either Bautista or X-stein will be used as DH against lefties?  Likely Bautista, given Cito's aversion to using X.  In any event, welcome back Scott! 

Hopefully no hard rain falling tonight here, I have a soccer game after work so I will be a little late to the party tonight, but will be around.  I try not to overmine Dylan, but, man, you could run a baseball blog with just Dylan lyrics and song titles as your post titles and it would be great.  At least, if you're the sort of deranged individual who uses random song lyrics as blog post titles.