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Missed it By That Much.....

I was sure, when the ball left the bat, that Rod had tied up the game. And had he hit it two feet higher they would still be playing, but that was one heck of a catch in left by Ruggiano. Purcey deserved better.

The only good part of the game, David Purcey, he was amazing. Complete game ( 8 innings) 5 hitter, 11 strike outs, no walks. Only 92 pitches, which an amazing 70 were strikes. But as it turned out only one of those pitches mattered, a fourth inning pitch to Carlos Pena that he knocked out of the park. But I can't say it enough Purcey was terrific.

Unfortunately Garza was about as good. Garza went 7.2, only gave up 6 hits, 3 walks and 5 k's. Then, when Garza tired, Grant Balfour got Lind to strike out with Rios and Wells on first and second to finish the 8th and Wheeler came got the save with a 1, 2, 3 ninth. Though that last out.......Frig, Rod came close.

We did get our chances but, like so many times this season we couldn't get the hit we needed leaving 8 guys on base. Only Inglett got more than one hit and he was the only one to get an extra base hit, a double. Scoot, Rios, Wells, and Mac all had 0 fers and Bautista struck out in his pinch hit at bat. He is 0 for his last 20. I still think we got robbed on that deal but I'm willing to wait and see. I will mention that Lind got sent to AAA for going 1 for 19......

Jay of the Day? Take a guess....Purcey was the only one in the positives for WPA, .261. Suckage Jays: Lyle (-.170), Lind (-.134), Mac (-.125) and Scoot (-.100).

Tomorrow we have Jesse Litsch (9-7, 4.01) vs. Edwin Jackson (10-8, 3.93). Red Sox are thumping the Yankees 11-3 at the moment, which to me is good because I think it's time to set our sights on just passing the Yankees. We start a series against the Yankees on Friday and get to face Carl Pavano (no really, Carl Pavano), Darrell Rasner and Pettitte. If the last few games of good offense weren't a mirage we should see a heck of a lot of runs scored.