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Thursday Notes

Just had to point out this story, Yankee security threw a guy out of the ball park because he wanted to go to the bathroom during 'God Bless America'. I'll admit I think forced patriotism on people is just plain stupid. You shall stand and you shall sing. Hopefully it is a case of minimum wage security people not understanding their job.

Another story I thought I'd pass on is from Fangraphs, Pirates Plunder Toronto. Now I don't really like the trade but to say the Jays got 'plundered' is over stating things a lot. I like Diaz but I don't think he'll become a great major league player. I think in the long run it will end of up a nothing for nothing trade. But we'll see.

Carl Yastrzemski apparently is doing well after heart bypass surgery. Carl was one of my favorite players when I was young, maybe had some to do with his name but he was one of the greats. And he shares his birthday with my wife.

Firejoemorgan is one of my favorite pages on the web, mostly because Joe Morgan bugs me so much when I watch a game he does color on. Loved him as a player, but he doesn't seem to have any idea what goes into winning baseball. Today on the page they tear a strip out of Richard Griffin. A well deserved strip at that, Griffin said that AJ is having a 'career year' because of the win total.

A: The reason that this is a career year for Burnett is that baseball is a team sport and the team goal is victories.

This is, presumably, the same reason that between the pitching Hernandezes, Livan (10-8, 5.48 ERA) is having a better season than Felix (8-8, 3.28 ERA). Don't you understand baseball is a team sport, Felix, you selfish prima donna?

The Twins enjoyed Livan Hernandez' winning ways so much, they decided to cut him from their baseball team. Guess they hate victories, which are the goal of sports.

I hadn't heard this rumor from's truth & rumor page, the Angles are looking at our excess of middle infielders to find a back up for Erick Aybar. I hope something can be worked out, might as well get something useful out of an over stocked position.

Is the Met's pitching situation so desprite that they might want Carl Pavano? That's a scary thought.